Can Opticians Get Scratches Out of Glasses

Can Opticians Get Scratches Out of Glasses

The harsh reality in the optical industry is that eyeglasses get scratched. This leads to perhaps the most common question in the industry; Can an optician get scratches out of eyeglasses? Unfortunately, the answer is; No, they can’t. Not yet anyway. Though, saying this, it is always the best option is to consult a licensed optician with any optical issues as they can determine if the eyeglasses are really scratched or if something is simply stuck to the surface of the lens or another issue is at play like; glues, oils, defective coatings, etc. They will also be able to address warranty issues or assess whether both or one lens needs to be replaced. They are truly the patient’s best option at reducing and minimizing costs. 

While this is the reality of the situation, there are several long standing urban legends and myths on this subject that suggest it’s possible to fix scratches on lenses with a variety of different home products or internet items. From baking soda to toothpaste to special liquids and gels the internet is full of unprofessional and questionable advice on the subject. The frustration here is the thought – what the heck, I’ll give it a try. This often leaves the situation far worse and reduces the options the Licensed Optician may have at their disposal for dealing with it. Think voided warranties, frame damage, etc. 

A better question happens earlier in the process and is simply; how can I prevent scratches on my eyeglasses and sunglasses in the first place? This proactive approach leads to good conversations about scratch resistant coatings and general care tips for eyeglasses wearers. A scratch resistant coating, while not scratch proof, increases the hardness of the lens surface and can significantly reduce the potential scratching of the lenses, your Licensed Optician can provide you with a variety of options to help determine what scratch resistant coating might best meet your needs. Additionally, your Licensed Optician will also want to discuss your work and your hobbies so they may offer suggestions about coatings to get or avoid based on the environments you find yourself in. For example, while great for night driving and computer use, an anti-reflection coating may not be the best choice on a construction site. Again, your Licensed Optician is trained in the newest options in the industry to be able to offer expert insight and advice on the subject. 

In conclusion, eyeglasses are precious. They are not only a financial investment, but they allow you to see the beauty of the world. The best way to protect that investment is with proper coatings, proper cleaning, care, and storage, and proper handling. Is there still the potential that scratches might happen? Of course, life is like that, but you can minimize the risk significantly with relatively little effort and a larger initial investment may save you money in the long run. Step one, consult your Licensed Optician today. 

Derick Summers
R.O Freelance Optician and Trainer