Improve your performance

Trust a Licensed Optician to find the right sports glasses for your needs in order to optimize your performance as well as your vision. They are a health care professional with all the skills to ensure you have the best vision during your sports activities.

Sports eyewear is ideal for skiing, biking or just playing a round of golf on your favorite course. Enjoy all the splendor of the landscape while having the precision desired for your sport.

Sport glasses performance

Protect your eyes adequately

Choose the right sports glasses

There are a multitude of sports glasses that can help protect your eyes and allow you to see better while playing your favorite sport. In addition, some sports require special eyewear to protect your eyes from trauma due to ball or puck impacts. You may also need to protect yourself from blowing dirt or dust.

The evolution of lens technology is amazing, with materials such as trivex and polycarbonate providing optimal protection and vision. Prepare to be amazed by the various sports-specific glasses, including swimming, diving and skiing glasses.


Technology has evolved

Get everything you need

Previously, lens technology did not allow for the production of wraparound sports eyewear with sun protection and vision correction. But all the technological advances of the last few years now make it possible to reproduce prescriptions that fit the highest curves of sports eyewear. Not to mention the UV protection.

Sports enthusiasts no longer have to make compromises and, with the help of their Licensed Optician, can enjoy all the benefits in their sports eyewear.

A SAFER sporting
experience and

Improved vision

Trust your Licensed Optician to
recommend the right solution
for you.

You’d also like to have a
different style when you
are not doing a sport?

Do you like the benefits of sports eyewear, but want to look different at work or on a night out? Do you prefer stylish glasses or contact lenses? No problem. Review all your options with your Licensed Optician to find the perfect solution for your situation. Only a Licensed Optician can help you explore your options for optimal vision and comfort, whether it’s glasses or contacts.