Your licensed optician helps you select the right frame for you!

The areas of the face that affect fit are the shape of the nose, the width of the head, the distance from the front of the face to the ear, and the size and shape of the ear. Human facial features are not symmetrical, whereas eyeglass frames are, which makes adjustments necessary. Even if adjusted properly, daily use or trauma could cause the frame could eventually sag. These fitting challenges are some of the many things a Licensed Optician considers when helping you select a frame and/or if your frame needs adjusting.

WilliamLicensed Optician

Benefit of polarized sunglasses!

Polarized sunglasses help reduce glare from the sun. Polarization is created by heating and stretching the plastic so that the molecules become oriented in a single direction creating a slat-like grid that restricts passage of light rays to those that are parallel with the line of molecules. The piece of thin plastic is then molded into the subsurface of an optical lens thus helping it reduce glare.

AngelaLicensed Optician