The Licensed OpticianOM professional identity is managed by the Opticians Council of Canada (OCC) in collaboration with member organizations and partners. Its purpose is to educate the public and to assure them that services are being provided by an Optician – a healthcare professional who is duly licensed, regulated and bound to a standard of practice.

The OCC is dedicated to ensuring Canadians obtain the best possible professional care, service and outcomes in the vision care field by promoting collaborative care models as a best practice in vision care.

Our partners share a common interest in eye care and vision health. The OCC provides national leadership on Canada’s vision health issues.

The OCC researches and evaluates new technologies and is committed to communicating important advancements in vision care to the public. Education is a significant part of the ongoing communication to the public, and another organization that we consider to be a partner in our public awareness efforts is Futé Marketing­.