Better vision thanks to
your licensed optician

A Licensed Optician helps you find the best fitting lenses for your prescription, ensuring the greatest comfort and visual acuity. You will rest easy knowing that they are :

  • Comfortable to wear,
  • The right strength to allow you to see your best,
  • Properly fit to avoid corneal damage.

A Licensed Optician measures the curvature of your cornea with an instrument called a keratometer, this helps them select contact lenses with a compatible curve. A LO will also observe your cornea with a biomicroscope, also called a slit lamp, which establishes the baseline of your tissue appearance prior to contact lens wear. Each time you return for a check-up, the optician will perform a follow-up slit lamp evaluation to detect any changes to your cornea and surrounding tissue related to contact lens wear. The optician can then make or recommend adjustments to the lens design, the wearing schedule or your lens care protocol as needed.

Contact lenses

Buying contact lenses online

Are you aware of the risks?

In Canada, Licensed Opticians are regulated and governed by strict provincial standards to protect your vision and ensure that you are provided with care of the highest standard. Buying contact lenses online from someone you don’t know brings with it a range of risks.

Some of these risks are related to your eye health. For example: contact lenses that don’t fit properly can cause injury to the cornea and surrounding tissue – including abrasions, hypoxia, and bacterial infections. Other risks are related to the effectiveness of the lenses themselves. For example: your contact lenses do not match your eye measurements and prescription they may impair your vision.

Always remember that when you purchase contact lenses, you are not just a consumer… you are a patient seeking quality eye care.

Glasses-free look

For a glasses-free look

Without compromising your vision

Do you sometimes wish you could escape from wearing glasses and head out to experience the world without that barrier? Without the fogging and without looking through dirty lenses? Unfortunately, this desire for freedom is quickly repressed because it compromises your vision as well as your safety?

Your Licensed Optician can help.

Don’t set aside your need for freedom! Instead, consult a Licensed Optician to find the best solution for you. Their education in contact lens technology is constantly updated to keep up with the latest developments. An optician will know how to find the best contact lenses for you based on your prescription and ocular measurements.

Have you seen an eye

care professional


A simple vision screening can detect
potential vision problems.

Contact lens solutions will
always be the best solution

When caring for your contact lenses, never use bottled or tap water, alcohol or any other type of liquid not designed for contact lenses. Only contact lens solutions ensure your eyes’ health. It’s important to anticipate the unexpected by carrying extra solutionat all times. If you find yourself in a unexpected or uncomfortable situation, you can use eye drops for extra lubricaton – just ensure they state “for contact lens use”.

Contact lens