Love your eyes FAQ

How much coverage did we actually get?

We garnered over 9,180,000 impressions and over 97,000+ rich interactions, beating the previous year. Reach Impressions are the amount of people were exposed to the Licensed Optician brand through media buy, social media and public relations. Rich impressions are based upon how many people actively engaged with the Love Your Eyes Brand including questions answered correctly and social media follows.

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I don’t see media coverage? Where can I find it?

Unfortunately, you can only see the coverage during the 6 weeks of the campaign. Much like a billboard or TV advertisement, media buy is purchased during that time. For this campaign, we purchased in print and online to maximize our coverage. Unlike the Goliath organizations, we have to carefully utilize our media buy resources in specific outlets to make sure it’s giving us as much effective coverage as possible.

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I didn’t see anything? Where did you buy?

We spent a lot of our media buy on National Coverage on websites many people visit, including,, Merriam-Webster, CNW, Marketwired etc. We did spend on at least one outlet per province based on our goal of reaching 35+ year old mothers as well as the direction given by the steering committee member in your province. Also, much of our coverage was organic – meaning that it was not paid, rather people saw our campaign – and through their engagement – it was shared through their network.

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Which awards did we win again?

We won 3 major awards. Two international healthcare-focused marketing awards and one general international marketing award. For the two healthcare awards, we were finalists for the The Global Awards, and Gold Winners for the Aster Award. For the international award, we won the highest accolade from the MarCom awards – Platinum. We won these awards alongside major organizations like Disney, American Optometrist Association, Chevron, Harley, ICBC, Microsoft, and some of the largest international marketing agencies in the world.

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How do I get involved?

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Derick Summers
R.O Freelance Optician and Trainer