How a good sports eyewear can help you perform!

How a good sports eyewear can help you perform!

No matter what outdoor sport you play, chances are you can benefit from a good pair of sport specific sunglasses. From golf to cycling to motorsports, your sporting experience can be made safer and your vision enhanced with the right combination of frame, lenses, and treatments. There are many options available in both prescription and non-prescription to best meet your needs.

Prescription sunglasses

Once upon a time it was impossible to get a good pair of wrap around sunglasses in prescription, but improvements in technology have changed that. Today, most prescriptions can be compensated to accommodate the higher curves of these sportier sunglass options. The result, sport sunglasses are no longer the domain of the non-prescription market. What will these sunglasses do for you? Wrap around sunglasses curve to follow the shape of your face providing a closer fit that reduces both light and wind from getting behind them and distracting you from the task at hand.

Protect you and your vision with sports eyewear

You will want to pair these frame designs with lens materials like trivex and polycarbonate that are specifically engineered to the highest safety standards to protect you and your vision from balls and other foreign objects that can suddenly ruin your day. And that leaves us with the final piece of the sunglass puzzle your lens treatments. From polarized lenses that control how light enters the eye, coloured tints that would make a rainbow envious to reflective mirror coatings that help remove harsh glare, there are options out there to meet every need. Whether it be to enhance contrast, reduce glare and reflections, or to simply stop you from squinting your Licensed Optician can find the answer.

A good set of sport specific sunglasses will enhance the way you play.

Derick Summers
R.O Freelance Optician and Trainer