Fantasy Lenses: Trick or Treat?

Fantasy Lenses: Trick or Treat?

Are Pinterest and Google giving you great ideas for an amazing Halloween costume? As you shop for the perfect items to create your disguise, some of you will probably opt for decorative contact lenses.

Since you can find them in costume shops, drugstores, and beauty salons, or even purchase them online, you might think they are easy to use and safe. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Look for Quality

Whether you want a scary look or some cat woman eyes for Halloween, you need to know what contact lenses are made off. Contact lenses use coloration techniques such as screen-printing that make them thicker and less breathable. Moreover, these low-quality contact lenses can definitely affect your eyes’ natural defense mechanism.

Even if you can easily get them on the market, the non-prescribed fantasy lenses you will get in places such as costume stores, drugstores, and beauty salons can cause you a lot of harm: serious eye injury, allergic reactions, infections—and the list goes on.

By getting them without consulting a professional, you will be denied important advice and handling instructions. Besides the fact that the contact lenses can remain stuck in your eyes, here is a list of some risks and consequences:

  • Corneal abrasion;
  • Conjunctivitis;
  • Bacterial infections like keratitis;
  • Vision loss.

Contact Lenses Remain Medical Devices

Whether you are a contact lens wearer or not, you definitely have to be aware of the right use of the fantasy contact lenses. A professional will take the time to make sure your eyes don’t show signs of abnormalities or eye deficiencies before prescribing you contact lenses.

This is why every pair of contact lenses needs to be prescribed—even if you are wearing them just for one night, they can cause a lot of damage to your eyes for a long period of time.

As the risks and consequences must be taken seriously, you should definitely see an eye professional before purchasing your fantasy lenses. Here is some advice:

  • Carefully read the contact lens care directions for cleaning and manipulating;
  • Avoid putting them in tap water;
  • Throw them away after the expiry date;
  • Never share your contact lenses with someone.

Don’t Ruin your Eyes for One Night!

Once again, the accessibility to the fantasy contact lenses at many retail points makes it a big issue. Since children and teenagers can get them almost everywhere without being conscious of the consequences, awareness is much needed. Make sure your offspring is cautious and aware of the risks and consequences of the contact lenses available in stores and on the web.

With the “easy to use” and “fit for all” sales arguments, companies make them reachable and affordable, and make you think fantasy contact lenses are harmless. Always make sure to consult your doctor before using this product, even just for one night! Opticians are definitely the professionals that can give you the best advice and provide you with certified contact lenses that suit your Halloween party!

Derick Summers
R.O Freelance Optician and Trainer