What is a Licensed Optician?

A licensed optician is an optic specialist. In other words, they’re the expert you need when looking for advice on optical products such as glasses and contacts. In order to be able to advise you effectively, opticians go through a rigourous process to obtain their certification.

Accreditation Process

To become a licensed optician, candidates must meet the requirements of the National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators (NACOR). They must therefore first apply to an accredited opticianry program. However, if they have already attended an unaccredited training institution or have a background in optics or health care, they may be eligible to become an optician through the PLAR process.

Provincial Regulatory bodies

Opticianry is a protected profession in most of Canada and canadian licensed opticians are overseen by provincial regulatory bodies. The regulatory body’s purpose is to ensure that all individuals seeking entry to practice and maintaining registration are competent and ethical professionals. The process of registering as an optician will vary depending on the provincial standards, but is always there to guarantee you get the best service for your eyes.

Your eyes’ best friend

A licensed optician is a specialist trained specifically to plan, prepare and distribute optical products such as glasses and contact lenses. They know how to interpret the prescriptions and carefully observe the patient’s needs in order to provide them with the best possible solution. A licensed optician also helps in selecting the right frame and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that they fit perfectly.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing the world clearly. Entrust your vision care to a licensed optician.


Opticians are front-line health professionals with in depth knowledge on glasses, contact lenses, and special needs devices

To protect the public, Canadian health professionals are carefully regulated. As healtcare professionnals, Licensed Opticians must be accredited by a provincial regulatory body, meaning that they meet the requirements of the National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators (NACOR). Licensed opticians also receive constant training on diseases and infection control, and possess the knowledge and skills to supply, prepare and dispense optical products through the interpretation of prescriptions while understanding the right adjustments necessary to provide optimal vision and avoid inconvenience or complications.




Up to date
A licensed optician stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advances in order to help effectively solve visual problems. They expand their skill set through continuous training and education to keep abreast of the ever-changing technologies behind optical lenses.


A licensed optician is not only there to offer you the best visual solution, they also have your best interest at heart by providing patient education. They teach you everything you need to know about wearing and caring for your optical products


Best fit
Your facial features are unique and a licensed optician will find the perfect frames, lenses and coatings to best fit you. A licensed optician is trained to measure accurately so that your eyes are well centered in the frames for comfort, style and optimal vision.


Visual Health
In addition to being optical specialists, licensed opticians are trained to help you see better and are familiar with new lens technologies and designs in eyeglasses, contact lenses and low vision aids. They can determine which of these can best replicate and improve your natural vision.


As a Licensed Optician our mission is to combine your visual needs from your prescription with what you’d like your eyeglasses to say about you. We will factor in your facial structure and shape, your skin tone as well as your personal style to find glasses with the right frame materials, shapes, and colours as well as the right lens materials and treatments, ensuring that you look fabulous!

A rigorous process with your licensed optician

3 crucial steps for an optimal solution



Licensed opticians are trained to interpret your visual needs and to find the best solution to provide you with optimal vision, while taking into consideration your prescription, the shape of your face and your lifestyle. Licensed opticians are the only healthcare professionals dedicated solely to providing optical solutions, finding latest trends in fashion eyewear and lens technologies, and providing the information to you, the end-user.



Our mission as licensed opticians is to find the best optical products for you. Whether it be glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses or another tailor-made solution, we are dedicated to helping you in this sometimes confusing process. Our valuable advice will help you make the best possible decision regarding your vision based on your unique needs.



Licensed opticians receive training to ensure that we meet the very high-quality standards for your vision care and keep in mind your long-term vision needs. With our constant and rigorous training, we are there to ensure that all your optical products are adapted to your current needs.